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Change is sweeping the business landscape at such a furious pace that yesterday’s ways of thinking are not finding any relevance today. Businesses, across industries, are being disrupted in a very short span of time. We’ve seen how each and every industry is being disrupted by new entrants or incumbents doing things differently.

GE is disrupting the industrial ecosystem with its new digital platforms. AirBnB is disrupting the Hotel industry. Uber is doing this to the transportation space. Amazon has already made dinosaurs of a lot of companies. Companies like Netflix and BuzzFeed are dominating the media and entertainment space. Companies like LendingTree and WealthFront are re-inventing financial services. The Digital tsunami is leaving no industry untouched.

Where do you stand as an organization with respect to Digital technologies? What are the opportunities to innovate at the core to deliver better customer experiences, launch new products and improve your employee experiences? How can you stand up and fight back the digital upheavals and emerge a winner?

This is what [x]cube’s “Think Disrupt” workshop delivers for you.

Workshop highlights

“Think Disrupt” is [x]cubeLABs’ flagship workshop that is delivered onsite to help evolve your complete digital strategy in an accelerated time frame.


  • Gather business goals across units.

  • Analyze business value chain, explore opportunities & road blocks.


  • Educate audience on Digital Foundations.

  • Explore Digital concepts, competitor solutions and cross-industry opportunities.


  • Examine “Patterns of Digital Disruption” and their relevance to your industry. Find opportunities.

  • Explore Digital technologies, and frameworks and explore relevant opportunities.


  • Prioritize the solutions based on impact, investments and risk. Identify business case and RoI.


  • Formulate a full fledged Digital strategy that looks into all aspects - Disruptive Innovation, Growth Innovation and Sustenance Innovation.

Who should attend?

The workshop is typically conducted over 1-2 days and involves extensive preparations before and after. Typically a CXO sponsor is needed to initiate the workshop and requires the involvement of senior leadership from Corporate or the Line of Business. During the workshop, all the participants are provided strong education on all aspects of Digital and extensive brainstorming is done. Typically cross-functional teams of 3-4 members are assembled and each group, by the end of the workshop, comes out with 8-10 digital solutions that can be assessed for business value .

There is significant senior management commitment from [x]cube while delivering the workshop. The workshops are run by the CEO and several partner level executives.


Key takeaways from the workshop

  • 1

    Strong appreciation of the anatomy of Digital Disruption.

  • 2

    Good understanding of digital technologies that matter and how they work together.

  • 3

    Understanding of how leaders and competitors are using digital technologies to advance themselves.

  • 4

    Identify disruptive opportunities specific to your organization by leveraging digital. Typically you should expect at least 5 strong opportunities per line of business.

  • 5

    A solid digital strategy ready for execution.



  • 1

    We’re Digital natives : [x]cube LABS is a post iPhone consulting firm. We’re Digital Natives and we bring an unique perspective & tools that are Digital grounds up.

  • 2

    We’re very selective : Our objective here is to drive ultimate change by executing projects and deliver value. We qualify our clients to ensure that both parties share strong intent around digital and are committed to the vision.

  • 3

    Outside in + Inside Out : Generally consulting involves outside-in advice. We believe no one understands their problems better than people who spend day in, day out handling them. And that's why, we have a highly collaborative approach where we draw out inside-out perspectives from the participants and couple it with our outside-in thinking to deliver some amazing solutions.

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