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How BrandKinesis Works

BrandKinesis is based on a robust analytics platform that tracks your user behavior on the app. This data is then run through a segmentation engine, which segments your users into smaller buckets based on their app usage pattern (you can create your own segments based on your business priority) and provides you with actionable insights. BrandKinesis also has a smart content management system that allows the app publisher (you) to push content to the app and set up rules on which content should be served to a particular segment of users.

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Result : Your app offers personalized content to each user based on their behaviour and app usage pattern, resulting in better engagement, higher retention and improved monetization. What more, BrandKinesis also includes a campaign management platform and a self serve user acquisition platform, that allows you to run in app campaigns as well as acquire new users for your mobile app.

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5 Steps App Life Cycle

Brand Kinesis extends beyond a mobile engagement solution and actually caters to each stage in a mobile app life cycle : Acquire, Analyze, Engage, Monetize and Retain.

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Acquire : Inbuilt self-serve platform for launching user acquistiion campaigns.
Analyze : Analyze and understand customer needs based on their app usage.
Engage : Engage users with relevant personalized content like surveys, quizz, trivia, tutorials, leaderboards etc
Monetize : Increase app revenue through contextual upselling and personalized promotional offers
Retain : Address user concerns, provide special promotions and retarget users to increase LTV.

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Bypass the Appstore

and the developer..

Once the BrandKinesis SDK is integrated into your app, you can manage and push all your content into the app directly from your web based dashboard and the content directly reflects into your app without having to go through the tedious app store approval process. What more, the smart CMS contains inbuilt templates for most of the popular engaging content formats like quiz, trivia, tutorials, leaderboards, surveys etc that you can readily use without needing a developer to build one for you. These templates are completely customizable in terms of content and look and feel, which allows you to retain your branding.

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BrandKinesis is designed to increase engagement and make your app a market success, without having to deal with complex technologies. With a powerful tool like BK it is important that you have the right strategy in place and know how to use the tool to its full potential. Keeping this in mind, we offer a complimentary strategy consultation service for all our BrandKinesis clients, help them understand the tool and layout a plan for how the platform can be leveraged to maximize app engagement and life time value of their users.

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