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Supreet Singh is Design Manager with 7+ years experience in webdesign, print media and UI/UX. Creativity is his language and Design is his favorite verb with focus on crafting interactive experiences for digital platforms. He is a doodler in his past time

Just Relax, Paint the Office Wall


It was an amazing fun project we did in our office.

As a designer it’s always fun working with colours and when a designer gets a laaarge canvas to paint, it’s like heaven. I always get fascinated by looking at large graffiti and painting on walls. I just thought of doing something great for my office pantry area where employees have tea/coffee and chat for a few mins to just relax. And so I gave the wall this theme I call ‘Just Relax’.
As a doodler I thought of making a large doodle on the wall and some typography. In a few hours, I came up with a concept and sketched it on paper.


After finalising the sketch, my wife (she is also a designer ☺) and I went to the office at 11:00 PM to see how we can start it. And we started by sketching on the wall right away.



On the second night we started with colouring. We bought exterior paints, brushes and other required materials from a local paint shop. While working on the project, a few of our colleagues joined us in this project and helped us to complete it sooner – special thanks to Sanjana (Finance team).




On the whole, we spent 3 nights and a full day to complete the project. It was really fun to do all this amid pizzas, coffees and chats while working. We had closed the pantry door for a few days but a few employees did manage to peep at the work (in progress) and amazed to see a transformation of the blank white wall to a colorful painted wall. The smile on their faces and ‘wow’ & ‘amazing’ remarks were kind of boost for us.



Working in open pantry on the 12th floor became a challenge with bad weather. It was raining heavily and so we wrapped our colours and brushes to save them from rain and fast wind. The sound of the wind was horrible and was not congenial for painting.



Overall, it was great fun. We really loved it and were showered with great/lovely remarks and praises by mates. The new look is amazing and now we don’t have a bland pantry area. It’s now a perfect blend of fun and relaxation.☺
And, oh, we hope to do similar projects in future!