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Mobile apps enhance company perception and customer satisfaction.


Mobile applications are fast gaining prominence as essential tools in the enterprise ecosystem. As the world witnesses a massive proliferation of mobile devices and consumers spend more time on apps, there is a significant opportunity for businesses to leverage applications to target, reach and connect with the audience and enhance their brand value.

Apps impact customer opinion

A survey by Nuance Communications reveals that companies that deploy mobile apps seem to gain in company perception and customer satisfaction. The majority of respondents (72%) in the survey said that they have a more positive view of a company that has a mobile application. In addition, 81% said that they will share the positive experience with others. When asked, how an app would increase their level of  satisfaction, 35% were of the opinion that easy transition to a live agent from an app would most likely to drive its usage, while 21% expect more functionalities in the app to better meet their needs.

App Downloads is on the rise

Mobile app downloads is maintaining its upward growth as more and more customers are willing to try new apps. As high as 89% of smartphone users are found to download at one app every month on their device with 70% having downloaded more than 10 applications, while 29% have over 30 apps on their phone. Another 12% of smartphone users have downloaded over 50 applications on their device.

Customer engagement with mobile apps

Mobile applications are fast becoming a popular channel for customer service. More than half of the respondents in the survey have said to download their carrier and bank’s app. Of the users who have downloaded the carrier’s app, 25% use it while 27% of smartphone owners use the banking app.

The above figures highlights that mobile apps are increasingly becoming a must-have in the overall communication architecture of an organization. Armed with high-powered mobile devices, consumer expects services on their devices. Businesses have significant opportunity in reaching to their respective audience through apps. And, therein lies an opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition. However, it is critical for them to meet the rising consumer expectations through seamless experience and better functionality. In near future, a powerful app experience could turn out to be a key element in driving brand loyalty.

[x]cube LABS

[x]cube LABS

[x]cube LABS is a leading specialty mobile solutions provider and consulting company. [x]cube has to its credit more than 500 apps in both customer and enterprise segments, and rich experience of working with leading industry names like GE, Texas Instruments, Hasbro, Mattel, United Health Group and 24 Hour Fitness.
[x]cube LABS
Mobile apps enhance company perception and customer satisfaction. by

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