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Infographic: The Mobile Employee


Do you know that there will be 397.1 million mobile workers by the end of 2012? Clearly, the era of 9-to-5 work-culture is passé. Today we have a growing tribe of mobile employees, armed with smartphones & Tablets, working from anywhere, anytime. We, at [x]cubeLABS, tried to understand the mobile employee, his preferences on devices, platforms and apps through various research reports to provide you with a visual description in the form of our latest infographic ‘The Mobile Employee’.

Enterprise Mobility

To view the complete infographic and for a high resolution image click here.  Re-tweets and feedback will be highly appreciated!

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[x]cube LABS

[x]cube LABS

[x]cube LABS is a leading specialty mobile solutions provider and consulting company. [x]cube has to its credit more than 500 apps in both customer and enterprise segments, and rich experience of working with leading industry names like GE, Texas Instruments, Hasbro, Mattel, United Health Group and 24 Hour Fitness.
[x]cube LABS
Infographic: The Mobile Employee by

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